At B’ Leather, we are tremendously concerned about the environment. We care a lot about restricted substances, waste management of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, the consumption of energy, the usage of water, the emissions of air, and the treatment of our effluents.

We do our best to protect and improve the environment that surrounds us.

We also like to give back to our community. We feel happy by helping those most in need. Improving the living conditions and making the community’s environment greener and safer are some of the things that gratify us.

Through our corporate social responsibility programs, we do our best to create shared value between business and society.

Fondo Agua Yaque del Norte

Our company is founder and member of the Fondo Agua Yaque del Norte (Yaque del Norte Water Fund) and our current President and General Manager, Mr. Aquiles Bermudez Polanco, is the Secretary of such non- profit organization and President of the Trust Fondo Agua Yaque del Norte.

The Yaque del Norte Water Fund is a public-private platform designed to channel investment resources destined to the preservation of the ecosystem services of water provision in the Yaque del Norte river basin in order to contribute to the water security of the city of Santiago. The Yaque del Norte river basin, with an area of about 7,053 km, is the largest of the Dominican hydrographic basins and the second largest on the island.

The fund’s mission is to manage financial resources to support actions that promote the capacity of the Yaque del Norte River to generate water in sufficient quantity, with the quality required for its use and consumption.

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Giving Back

Parque Central de Santiago (Santiago Central Park)

B' Leather has donated funds and sponsored the tree-planting program for the development of the Santiago Central Park, a modern outdoor space for the recreation of the habitants of the city of Santiago.

Vuelta Larga Project

B' Leather has supported the City Government of the city of Santiago by donating funds and land to relocate more than 100 families from the shores of a contaminated creek in Vuelta Larga.